Stephen Chbosky's
What role do we play as the lamp in the room?
I think I just spend way too much time thinking. About everything. Definitely overanalyzing. Over and over. I can't seem to stop. I also want everything to work out for the best, and hope it does all the time. I also only want the best for other people and have absolutely no idea why anyone would be mean to anyone else. I also tend to do things I don't want to do sometimes because I'm scared of hurting other people's feelings if I don't. It's hard to feel worthy of being with the people who I think are incredible. Sometimes I just can't equate myself with how amazing they are. Sometimes I just sit back and appreciate how amazing they are instead of thinking about anything else. 
Obviously Charlie. Who's yours?
How much is too much to tell your friends? How do you know when you trust them enough to tell them the really awful stuff?
  What are some of the best ways to work through negative thoughts or depression?